Original photography on the finest museum printing paper in the world


My goal is to give everybody the chance to hang something original, beautiful and scandinavian on their wall.


Alle prints from FINEARTPRINTS are printed on Hahnemuhle fine art printing paper and coms to you in 3 different sizes, always with authenticy label and signed at your wish.


Hahnemuhle print paper will last at least 100 years and much longer contained under glass.

Prints are transported in rolls by GLS.

The Hahnemuhle proof of autenticity is your sign of originallity and autenticity.

Every print is labeled with a unique hologram and a proof certificate.

My ambition is to show the beuaty of our world and the strange activities of mankind in an artistic way for you to admire every day.

Every picture selling from this website is photographed by Photojournalist Ole Bo Jensen, residing in Copenhagen, Denmark

"The negative is equivalent of the composers score, the print is the performance" - Ansel Adams